Silverman Claims utilizes a state-of-the-art web-based Claims Management System, FileTrac® along with the latest industry software.


Our Claims Management System integrates with Xactanalysis, which provides seamless tracking of assignments. Our system is monitored daily, alerting our adjusters of upcoming claim date deadlines, as well as, any additional claim specific actions required, thus reducing claim costs and improving cycle time


We also purposefully set up our technology systems to incorporate the human element, making our systems highly interactive. This allows us to keep track of claim assignments on an individual adjuster/claim basis allowing us to lend assistance when needed and monitor claim progress. 


Our goal is to utilize technology to help us increase efficiency and productivity, without losing the personal touch.

FileTrac® The Heart of Our System

Silverman Claims has at the heart of its system FileTrac®, a Claims Management System that organizes and stores all pertinent data in a single location for immediate retrieval.  FileTrac® is a user-friendly system designed for simplicity and accuracy that eliminates costly, time-consuming calls and manual tracking of assignments. Information is at your fingertips for real-time status of every assignment 24/7.

The Benefits of FileTrac®:

  • Reduced claims cycle time

  • Enhanced communications

  • Permanent file archival

  • Real-time claim status 24/7

  • All information & reports are in a centralized location

  • Customized alerts to track performance

  • Customized reporting

  • Secure login

  • Training for client staff