Mold Inspections

Before hiring a company to remove or clean up the Microbial growth these are the following steps needed to proceed with the mold removal. 

  • Step 1:  The establishment of the problem (Mold Assessment and Mold Remediation Protocol) whether by visual or lab test performed by Silverman Inspections a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor. 

  • Step 2:  The repair of the problem. (Mold remediation by a Florida Licensed Mold Remediator.)  Silverman Inspections LLC is licensed in Florida however, cannot under state -law remediate the problem if we are the Mold Assessor.  Example: (The fox that watches the hen house!!)

  • Step 3:  The verification that all repairs were successful.  (The Post remediation Verification Inspection or Clearance Test.) By a licensed Florida Mold Assessor. Silverman Inspections LLC can provide the post-remediation verification. 

By adhering to the 3-step process, not only will you be comfortable that your indoor environment is safe once again, but you will also be protected from real estate devaluation.

Our Process

Silverman Claims specializes in conducting third-party mold inspections, testing, and consulting of residential and commercial properties throughout Central Florida and the surrounding counties.  As a certified mold inspector, we follow strict industry standards and proven methodologies combined with the latest technology and third-party laboratory testing, to identify and diagnose air and surface mold contaminants in your home or business.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a trusted, unbiased mold inspection professional to investigate, evaluate, and provide guidance every step along the way. 

Our Mold Assessment Process

Client Interview - Background Info: We get to know you—and your property. We ask smart questions, take the time to listen, and dive deep to find out the "who, what, where, when, and why" of your home or building, its history, known problem areas, and your concerns. This information-gathering stage of the process is vital to every step that follows.

Determine Strategy - Set Objectives:  We perform an initial walkthrough of your property to gain a better understanding of the space and any known problem areas.  Based on information gathered from you and our first-hand observations, we formulate a hypothesis and clearly communicate what you can expect throughout the rest of the process.

Visual Inspection and Mold:  We bring years of experience and a variety of tools like moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and boroscope cameras to canvas your home or office.

Mold and Other Bioaerosol Testing:  We apply approved sampling techniques and the latest technologies like spore trap analysis, tape lift and swab sampling, vapor emissions testing, and particle counting to collect air, bulk, and surface samples of mold and other bioaerosols like dust mites, pollen, dander, and outgassing VOCs.

Laboratory Analysis:  We send the collected samples to an independent laboratory.  Qualified lab technicians use the latest analytical methods and techniques to complete a series of qualitative and quantitative tests.  The lab reports back to us, supplying us with the analytical data we need to move forward.

Report Findings:  We prepare and present to you a comprehensive report, summarizing our visual observations and measurements, lab results, and data interpretations.  Rest assured this document is scientifically sound, meticulously accurate, and legally defensible.

Recommendations for Remediation: We create a Remediation Protocol Plan, which outlines the locations/quantity of contaminants, recommended remediation methods, required personal protective equipment, containment procedures, and clearance criteria. (We also provide clearance testing to make sure all problems are resolved.)

Let our experienced mold assessor provide you with the "Peace of Mind" you are looking for when dealing with a mold situation.

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